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A little while back, the CEO of a high profile organization related a personal social media story. She was anxious to begin a Twitter feed, and we had been helping her think through how to do that effectively. Like a lot of people, she had been using Twitter to listen for some time, but hadn’t yet sent any tweets of her own. One night she found herself following a vibrant conversation on a topic dear to her heart. The time seemed right to jump in. She wrote several tweets to join the conversation, her finger hovered over the keyboard, but in the end she could never bring herself to hit send.

That is a fairly common scenario—people seeing the value in social media, but nervous about getting started or digging in deeper. Open Road Advisors can help you hit the send button.

Let us put our 18 years of experience on the Web to work for you in:

  • Delivering content that gets read. The world doesn’t need another blog that no one follows. Another self-serving Facebook page. Over the years, we’ve built more than a dozen blogs that have garnered engaged audiences. We’ve advised on Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, podcasts, videos, infographics, datavisualizations, crowd sourcing efforts and other social media ventures, creating content that is built around the audience. Launching a new content initiative is only the first step. We can help you make it work
  • Analyzing/researching the landscape. What are your “competitors” up to? How do you stack up against them? What else interesting is being done that you might want to tackle? Knowing the environment around you can go along way toward shaping your overall thinking. We’ve done a similar analysis for the California HealthCare Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund and the Connecticut Health Care Foundation, among others.
  • Defining target audiences. Understanding who your target audience is and how best to reach them is crucial to any Web strategy. We can produce in-depth analysis.
  • Developing an overall strategy. You have to start with the tough questions. Who are you trying to reach? What do you want to share with them?  How can you work together with that audience. If you don’t know the big picture of where you are headed, you will be scratching in the dark. We can help you think through your overall goals. Give you a plan.
  • Creating a specific approach to social media. It is easy to launch social media initiatives. Much harder to do them successfully to achieve your goals. Based on the overall strategy, we can help you choose the right tools and, more than that, launch them in an effective way.
  • Measuring success. Social media is an ongoing process. To do it well, you need to keep testing, keep experimenting and keep tracking how you are doing. We can help you assess how your current initiatives are faring. We can help you develop dashboards to monitor success.
  • Developing social media policy and guidelines. A lot of organizations are struggling to put together guidelines and policies for their employees as they move into social media. These efforts can raise numerous questions about branding, voice, identification of employment, personal vs. professional initiatives and more. We can help you develop these important documents.
  • Educating your organization. Some organizations need a primer on social media tools. Others would like a workshop on how to write for a blog. We have put together similar workshops for other groups, and can help bring your staff and others in your organization up to speed. We’ve presented social media workshops for the Connecticut Health Foundation, the California HealthCare Foundation, the Washington Association of Grantmakers, the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, Grantmakers in Health, Delaware Valley Grantmakers and more.
  • Building an online community. We built an online community of scholars and fellows for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, helping with shaping strategy, choosing the platform, delivering content and serving as community manager. Do you have a segment of your network that you want to turn into a community? We can help you think that through.

While we have a specific expertise gained from years of experience working with health sites, hospitals, foundations and nonprofits, we can help most organizations use the Web and social media effectively. Learn more about us on the About Open Road page. You can contact us at info@openroadadvisors.com or by phone at 215-431-7067. Or you can use the form below.

Photo credit: Foxtongue. Attribution.

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