Evaluating Foundation Evaluations

A recent survey by the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) uncovered two facts that shed a bright light on the current state of performance assessment by foundations.

On the one hand, more than 90 percent of foundation executives put a high priority on measuring the success of their work. On the other hand, well over half say gaining any meaningful insight from performance assessments is a challenge.

In the latest installment of our podcast series for the Foundation Center’s Philanthropy News Digest, co-host Bill Silberg and I talked to Phil Buchanan, CEP’s president, to get to the root of the situation. Buchanan explained how assessment has changed over the past 10 years, what lies ahead, and even tackled the issue of whether foundations are emphasizing evaluations to the detriment of innovation.

You can listen to the podcast here. Have some thoughts on whether foundations are overemphasizing self-assessments? You can comment below or join conversation at the PND blog.

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