Talking Philanthropy

A few months back, fellow consultant Bill Silberg and I began conversations with the smart people at the Foundation Center’s Philanthropy News Digest about creating a series of podcast conversations.

No question philanthropy is changing. Foundations are recognizing that they are more than grant makers. They are in the business of driving social change. They are increasingly understanding that communicating the “stories” of their work can be as important as the work itself. Through social media, they are beginning to open their typically closed processes and engage with the field in ways that help them drive change.

Seems like a series of interviews with the people who are driving the change could go a long way toward helping us all understand where the sector is headed.

The first of the conversations went live this morning. It is a discussion with Doug White, academic director of the George H. Heyman, Jr. Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising at New York University, about nonprofits and the economic recovery, the outlook for the year ahead, and the importance of organizational transparency.

Look for more conversations in the coming months. Our goal is to pick the brains of the people who are changing the way foundations and nonprofits do their work.

We’d love your suggestions of people we should interview. Who would you like to hear from? What topics would you like to hear more about?

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