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Producing Spicy Success on Facebook

Heard a great presentation this morning from an organization that has achieved surprising success on Facebook. It came from Buffalo Wild Wings, a restaurant chain that is gaining recognition on the social network far beyond its position in the industry.

The restaurant’s success is a lesson in thoughtful and strategic use of social media that translates nicely to the nonprofit world. Paul Freher, director of media at Buffalo Wild Wings, and Brandon Murphy, chief strategy director at the agency they work with, 22squared, offered insight into how they have accumulated their 3.5 million Facebook “likes” (fans). I’ve pulled out eight of the lessons that are particularly helpful for nonprofits and added some thoughts of my own. Read the rest of this entry »

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Headed to WOMMA

I’m speaking at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association 2010 Summit in Las Vegas this week. The always interesting Dawn Lacallade of ComBlu and I will be talking about using crowdsourcing to generate and vet innovative ideas. Dawn was community manager at SolarWinds and managed Dell’s IdeaStorm when she was communities and conversations manager at Dell. If you are going to WOMMA, come check out our session on Friday. I’ll be in Vegas from Wednesday to Friday. If you are there and want to get together or just say hi, let me know.

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How to Keep that Experimental Mindset

A month or so ago, I purchased some tea at a health food store that looked pretty tasty. Rasperry-Peach. Nice picture on the box. Cute story about the history of the tea maker. I took it home with visions of a soothing warm cup on cool fall evenings. What a crock. Every painful sip of this witches brew caused involuntary facial scrunching. Then there was the oh-so-pleasant metallic aftertaste. So, naturally, I have dutifully kept on drinking cup after bitter cup. I even have a steaming cup sitting next to me as I am typing this. Two more packets to go. Just doesn’t seem right to throw it out.

For those of us raised to clean our plates (or to finish every book we start), social media can require a pretty big shift. A shift to a mindset that doesn’t come naturally to many of us. The fail, adjust, fail again, adjust again mindset. The micro-failure mindset. So here are three things to keep in mind as you tackle your social media initiatives: Read the rest of this entry »