The Ultimate, Definitive, Official List of Foundations That Blog

Image of antique typewriterI’ve been working with some foundations recently on a strategy around blogging, and it started me wondering how many other philanthropies have jumped into that world. My search through the Foundation Center’s list of the 100 largest foundations (by assets) uncovered 15 that are blogging, which after several hours of calculating and head scratching I determined equals 15 percent. Not exactly an overwhelming number, but it is a number that is growing. Seems like there might be a need for a central database so that people can learn from the current efforts. So, I put together the following list to get things rolling. It contains links to blogs by the 100 largest foundations and (separately) some by smaller ones. Please let me know about others that I missed. Private, community, corporate, family—all foundations are welcome. The main criteria is whether they have an active blog.

Blogs by Top 100 Foundations (by Assets) – based on Foundation Center rankings

Blogs by Smaller Foundations

I’m sure this is far from a comprehensive list. Please use the comments section to point out more blogs from foundations that I missed, and I’ll put them on the official list.

Photo Credit: Valeriana Solaris. Attribution.

12 responses to “The Ultimate, Definitive, Official List of Foundations That Blog”

  1. What a cool idea! For the DC folks, just wanted to add:

  2. Thanks for putting this list together Larry. President & CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay of the Vermont Community Foundation has recently started a blog to share his thoughts on giving and community. Read it here:

    1. Alex, Mr. Comstock-Gay’s blog has been added to the list. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. […] The Ultimate, Definitive, Official List of Foundations That Blog « Open Road Advisors Larry Blumenthal, formerly social media expert at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is building a list of all foundations that blog. (tags: philanthropy) […]

  4. The Century Foundation– (Health Policy)
    and (latest work by all TCF Fellows)

    1. Thanks, Naomi. I’ll add these.

  5. Larry – you can add Rasmuson Foundation to the list. Online for three, years, our blog conveys timely information about the Foundation, and points to the incredible work by nonprofits in Alaska. It’s at:

    1. Thanks, Cassandra. I’ll add you to the official list.

  6. It is hard to know for sure, Adin, although I suspect many are managed by someone with a communications/public affairs function. What is great to see is that the blog entries come from a wide range of contributors – chief executives, grantees, thought leaders, celebrities, program officers, communications officers. Thanks for your thoughts.

  7. A few additions from the great state of Colorado:

    The Denver Foundation’s CEO, David Miller, blogs about the next generation of philanthropy and they have a technical assistance blog.

    The Colorado Association of Funders has also recently started a blog:

    The Colorado Health Foundation’s blog:

    The Colorado Trust’s blog:

    The El Pomar Foundation:

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I’ll add these to the list.

  8. Great list Larry. Thanks for compiling it. Any sense on who manages these blogs at the foundations (communications department, executive office, etc.)?


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