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The Ultimate, Definitive, Official List of Foundations That Blog

Image of antique typewriterI’ve been working with some foundations recently on a strategy around blogging, and it started me wondering how many other philanthropies have jumped into that world. My search through the Foundation Center’s list of the 100 largest foundations (by assets) uncovered 15 that are blogging, which after several hours of calculating and head scratching I determined equals 15 percent. Not exactly an overwhelming number, but it is a number that is growing. Seems like there might be a need for a central database so that people can learn from the current efforts. So, I put together the following list to get things rolling. It contains links to blogs by the 100 largest foundations and (separately) some by smaller ones. Please let me know about others that I missed. Private, community, corporate, family—all foundations are welcome. The main criteria is whether they have an active blog. Read the rest of this entry »


10 Ways to Get More Readers for Your Blog

vintage image of man typingA friend and I used to play a sad game, when we met over dinner every few months. We would swap stories, competing to see who had worked the crappiest job or for the worst boss. (The game started while we were both working with a man seething with so much anger that management suggested he be isolated in a room with just one other person. Inevitably, the other person had to be removed after the two wound up in a little-girl screaming match followed by a flurry of punches.)

My friend usually won our contest, but, unfortunately, I managed to hold my own. One job that kept me in the running was a year I spent as a proposal writer for a large insurance company. My boss sprung straight from a Dickens novel—a hunched-over, hamstser-faced man with a comb-over, who had been relegated to managing a unit he detested in the hope he would resign. (A few years earlier, the president of the company had thought it would be a funny practical joke to have a fake headstone placed outside of this man’s office window, with RIP in big letters. That company was just a laugh a minute.) Alas, the human spirit is unfathomable, and my boss clung to his hated job with grim determination. Read the rest of this entry »

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