How to Be An Effective Philanthropist in Eight Easy Steps

I was lucky enough to learn from a long list of amazing people during my nearly nine years at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Now that I am on the outside peering back through the glass, it is my turn to pass on some of those lessons, which I collected in a commentary for the Philanthropy News Digest. Consider it one man’s primer on how to be an effective philanthropist, learned the hard way. You can read it here.

2 responses to “How to Be An Effective Philanthropist in Eight Easy Steps”

  1. Thanks for outlining practical applications for the simple concept that philanthropy is not about power and money, it’s about funders and NPOs alike doing the work…but how we interact with power and money gets in the way far too often. Larry, you may be interested in, trying to live up to many of the points you make and learning ourselves along the way.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Don. (Hope Sancho is well.) Thanks for your thoughts.

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