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Talking About the Challenges for Foundations in Adopting Social Media

Was interviewed yesterday by Brad Rourke of Mannakee Circle Group in Rockville, Md. for his Public Life Today podcast. We had an interesting discussion about the reluctance of some foundations to wade into the world of social media. You can listen on Brad’s blog. In Brad’s words, Mannakee Circle “helps organizations engage better with the public.”



Why Foundations Need to Embrace Social Media

A few months back, I began a workshop for staff from a variety of foundations by asking them to shout out all of their whiny, cry-baby excuses for not getting involved in social media. The excuses flew at me fast and furious, like so many tranquilizer darts. I don’t have time. It’s too much work. We don’t have the resources. Can’t figure out the return on investment. Senior staff don’t see the value. We’re afraid of losing control. What if people criticize us? My shoes are too tight.

I had about forty-five minutes to convince these people that social media is more than relevant to philanthropy. That it is core to our future. I blogged about the arguments I made for the Philanthropy News Digest. Please take a look.

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